Company and people

The group


The past becomes the future

In any self-respecting story there is always a red thread linking the past to the present.

In the history of Rama Packaging that red thread is passion,
which has allowed an idea to become a company and a company to become a model.

Passion for our work has been our compass in the world of packaging and paper.

A sector made of innovation, of choices, of opportunities, of human and professional growth.

We like demanding customers

Because we believe that packaging has always told us a lot about a company.

It tells us, for example, about its experience or about its grip on the market,

it tells us how attentive it is to the needs and tastes of the end customer.

A good product must have good packaging.

That’s why we pay attention to the quality of the entire production cycle.

From the choice of machines, to that of suppliers, to the safety parameters of the materials to the processing and the finished product, to the talent of our employees

processing and the finished product, to the talent of our employees.

Excellence, to be really excellent, must be a constant.

Antonio Tomasello


tel: 3382390367

Giacomo Galeotti


tel: 3296268683

Amy Lazarus (EN)

ACCOUNT MANAGER (English Language)
tel: 3469574781

Angelo Moretti

ACCOUNT MANAGER (Langue française)
tel: 3405071670

What is our method?

To involve the customer in the manufacturing process.

In this way we can reduce the margin of error, proceed more quickly and guarantee high quality.

From the design of the packaging to the delivery of the product.

Everything is carried out within Rama Packaging under our supervision and that of the customer.
An internal contact person will keep the flow of information constant.

If necessary, our relationship with the customer will allow us to initiate a discussion about any activity.

To keep informed is to keep satisfied.